Page 1: Application to determine eligibility for Erasmus+ funding to support work overseas in the European Economic Area


By completing this online form you are submitting a request for Erasmus+ funding to support undertaking a traineeship in the European Economic Area (EEA).  Successful submission of this form will inform us whether you meet the minimum Erasmus+ eligibility criteria for funding.  The Global Student Mobility Team will then contact you to request any further information and advise you of any further steps.

Before completing this form you must ensure that: 

  1. You have read the information about Erasmus+ for work on our webpages here and meet the eligibility criteria
  2. You have read and understand the information relating to traineeships in the Erasmus+ Applicants Guide 
  3. You have been formally accepted by an organisation to undertake a traineeship in an EEA partner country (applicable partner countries are outlined in the Erasmus+ Applicants Guide. N.B. Switzerland is not included as a partner country) 
  4. You will not be eligible for Erasmus+ funding if your traineeship is based in the UK, since you are already registered as a student in the UK
  5. You are a current student undertaking a degree programme directly with Bournemouth University
  6. The traineeship is related to your BU degree and your personal career aspirations
  7. You have NOT yet started work with the traineeship employer
  8. The traineeship is with a single employer for a minimum of 60 days work overseas

N.B. Funding can be for multiple traineeships (and include study exchange) but must not exceed 360 days in total for the duration of your current degree programme. 

For more information on eligibility terms and conditions visit:

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